Friday, February 20, 2009

Speaking To My Condition

Angel on PFN post a link to the video below from the very talented Zack Arias. It spoke to my condition. Thanks Zack, it was I needed during my pitty party. I also have a new blog to watch ;)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Where has the year gone?!

It has been right at a year since my last post on PUB. A great deal has happened, life has chewed me up and spit me out. I sit writing this blog as a photographer that will always be unknown. May 1st I launch a poor attempt of a portrait studio, thinking I had the support I needed. Early this month I gave up the studio know I would never be in one place long enough to build it, nor did have have the emotional support I wanted. So here I sit pissed off again, but knowing my choice to be a wife and mother (a choice I never regret) must come before my dream to be a photographer.

In the days to come I hope to share a bit of what I have been doing.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Light fall off

Years ago I heard Robert Farber say if he could only choice one background to work with he would choice a white. He explained how one could turn the white background into a black background by using light fall off. At the time it went way over my head not understand light but it has always suck wit me.

A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to play with light fall off in my home. Here is what came of my playing.

The image I set out for, worked.

A few images before I worked them and converted them to B&W to show the light fall off in the background. Mr. Miles is Spiderman here ;) I think I could power up the lights a bit more and take care of the rail and windows.

My background shot with natural light.

Forgive my crude drawing but this was my set up.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Young Love, Behind the Image

Young Love, Behind the Image

On PFN to my surprise I won the weekly submission contest “what defines you“ with my signature image on my blog. I thought I would share the story behind this image. This image was take Nov of 2002 atop a building in NYC on a trip at changed my life. Without getting into too many details, this trip defined me as the person I am today.

I was hire by Gary Dana of the Long Island Cabrera to shoot the annual winter dinner show, I was not paid but I received a paid trip to NYC for six days. Mr. Dana was a gracious host. I am not sure if he ever know how that week changed my life.

I was in a bad marriage at the time, events during this trip showed me things were not going to change but only get worse. Personally my world was falling apart around me. I meet up with a few other outstanding photographers while in NYC . Four of us walked the city shooting, sharing our dreams. Phil Hidden hosted a shootout with a few paid models in a studio on the west side. It was during this shoot I captured the image I now call young love that welcomes you to my blog.

Many people do not even notice the young man in the upper right hand corner, the man who put the sparkle in the young ladies eye. Metaphorically the man is my future the young lady is my life. Comparable to a young couple in love, unknowing what the next day will bring, greeting the dawn with great hopes.

This image was the birth of my life as I know it now. Wide eyed from NYC I looking into the future unknowing what was going to happen, plus new found confidence from the trip I trudged ahead in my life. Unidentified dreams lay ahead of me, a pat I am not too sure of it’s end. A plethora of ideas and a camera in hand to my new day I go.

On the technical side of this image, I don't remember much. Shot on Polapan film with an EOS 1.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Altered Art

I have been trying my hand at a bit of altered art, lately. I used Lauren Bavin scrap book elements.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ring of Kerry

While I lived in Ireland last year I took a tour of the Ring of Kerry. Sadly on tours you have to shoot and run. I said I wanted to go back but did not make before we moved back to the States. Here is two images from that trip.

Snow Berries

We had snow as did much of the east coast this last week. I could not pass up the red berries in the tree in my yard. The snow did not stay for long mostly gone by the next afternoon. They are calling for more snow tonight, we will see.